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Digital Signage

Digital signs are growing more prevalent across many niches because the benefits realized and the lower costs to deploy them now justify their ROI. While the saying says not to judge a book by its cover, it’s the sign of any business that gives customers the first impression of the product or service being promoted. Digital signage is one surefire method of captivating an audience that once thought you never existed.

There is little that matters more than branding yourself to garner the interest of customers. This tends to happen more through provision of the products being offered, but how are your customers finding you? Without proper digital signage, of course, you lose customers looking for you from afar.

Ok, why shoot for Digital?

The signs Vancouver businesses select speak volumes about how exciting their brands are expected to be. Digitally speaking, powerful signage enables companies to maintain a much higher degree of awareness, literally levelling the competition when driving down major highways or through downtown Vancouver. Digital is a wise investment since advertising on billboards and newspapers is expensive.

If you’ve ever driven down major Canadian roadways, you may have noticed casinos have massive digital signs introducing travelers and locals to their gaming institution. Superior Signs knows that digital signage is the very appeal many customers look upon as a telltale sign of success within your company, and acts like an instant respect-gaining tool which can leverage new clientele away from your neighbors.

Outside digital signage is characteristically brighter than traditional neon, and is rugged enough to withstand whatever elements Mother Nature produces. From scrolling marquee signs to full motion graphics, exterior digital signage drives more customers by design than any traditional billboard, period.

I know nothing about designing digital signage

Whether you're seeking high-definition signs Vancouver businesses need to stand up to the rigorous demands of any outdoor or public setting, or demand spectacular eye candy in 3D, no experience is necessary when Superior Signs is backing your project. All you need is your message, an open mind and any graphics you wish to project to thousands of buyers looking for your products but need further convincing.

Since these signs are traditionally used outdoors, we create them to withstand elements by protecting the screen and moving parts within. Our installation crew, once completed, will take your digital signage and mount them where necessary, paying close attention to your instructions. Of course, before it gets installed, we’ll show you how the finished product will look so any adjustments can be finalized.

For supreme business visibility, eye-catching picture quality and unrivaled versatility, nothing can beat digital signage concepts from Superior Signs. After installation, our signs provide a massive communication tool which far outweighs your traditional cardboard sign. In darkness, these signs can literally guide your customers to you from several miles away.

How the digital sign process works

Picking a good digital message board is an excellent way to ensure that your sales match your expectations – yet there is a lot of essential information to include. First, we’ll figure out what size works best for your establishment, then gather one or several messages to feed into your display. Any logos, monikers and special effects can be hashed out during your consultation, too.

Once completed, our design team will begin foundational work and take your dreams or ideas from paper to pixel in no time. Once it’s completed, you’ll have the opportunity to see this beauty in action before installation. A number of our digital signage creations are available all across Vancouver, too, and many are responsible for bringing businesses the substantial growth they previously lacked.

Did you know many digital signage solutions offered by Superior Signs allow web connectivity? This means you could wirelessly transmit news, show customers what’s goin on inside your store, or create cool presentations for the world to see. Our company has been around for decades, and digital branding is ushering its way into mainstream faster than all other outdoor displays combined.

Lower advertising costs. Increase curb appeal

Advertising entails message spreading. Digital signs involve message awareness to live people. Therefore, it naturally makes sense to utilize more widely recognizable channels as opposed to spending millions on newspaper, online displays and mailings. The initial investment is slightly larger than your traditional signs, but the costs of advertising will dramatically decrease rather quickly.

In addition, different types of curb appeal that were considered paramount advancements in real estate – such as decorative concrete, green roofs and spectacular lawn adornments – are now being replaced by digital signage that speaks greatly about both the business model and products or services within. If one could invest one time to garner decades of consumer interest, many small businesses and larger corporations would jump at the chance.

The vicious battle of having your products presented to customers will forever be the nest egg which businesses rest their trust upon – yet Superior Signs is prepared to help you overcome visual adversity. If you can dream it, we can digitize it! It is our mission to provide you with products worthy of carrying your brand electrically while making the entire purchasing process smoother. Contact us to tailor digital signage solutions for your new or existing business.