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Illuminated Signs

Small businesses and corporations of all types, from gas stations to grocery stores, use uniquely designed Illuminated signs. In today’s world, the illuminated signs Vancouver shops use can have a great impact during nighttime hours, giving you a competitive edge where your competition is lacking. Superior Signs produces illuminated technology that aids in primary site identification and wayfinding during the daytime.

Our distinctive technology offers everything from your traditional fluorescent bulbs and neon signage to today’s more common LED’s. Also offered by Superior Signs are electronic signs and electroluminescent paneling for really hitting home with your moniker and logo. Depending on how your consultation with us goes, we apply specific custom technologies based on your needs.

The purpose of going with illumination

Are you considering switching from conventionally lit signs to more prominent lighting that Illuminated signs offer? These highly impactful illuminated signs Vancouver businesses are switching to uses high quality imagery and fluorescent light boxes, and are popular for store fronts. The tractability of neon, for example, allows our company to manufacture more unique looks for your storefront, giving your signs more traffic than other signs.

Moreover, illuminated signs have proven to be great business assets for representing your business image by day and night. Using our graphical ingenuity, these signs deliver an impressive glow at night while customers come into your store. Internally illuminated signs, depending on what bulbs are used, have the capacity to produce light that’s unshielded by about 50% while sparing you numerous lighting.

We manufacture, install and follow-up

We’ll take any custom order brought our way, begin planning what illuminated signage you’ll need and discuss options at your disposal. After you’ve established your goals and we’ve begun drafting your mockup, we’ll take our first draft and present you more options based off the initial design. Superior Signs takes these initial steps seriously, because the success of your message hinges on our design.

Finally, when all is done, we’ll manufacture in-house. All illuminated signs Vancouver customers order go through a rigorous quality control process before being presented to you. From there, we’ll install and follow up with you to make sure everything’s working 100% perfectly. It’s our way of earning your future word of mouth suggestion to others.

Contact Superior Signs Today!

Our competitively driven commerce world loves putting out ads which both have funniness yet seem slightly twisted in meaning. Your business could, in other words, place illuminated signage atop various structures, can add your own message or even double-down on signs used. Our business is making your business more visible, and we’ll achieve that in whatever matter you deem most fitting.

Superior Signs offers perhaps more feasible signage methods for delivering results to aggressive businesses seeking brand recognition than anyone in Vancouver. We strive to provide more visually inspiring marketing opportunities which actually convert as opposed to buying into gaffes commonly committed by unproven professionals. If you want illuminated signs Vancouver shops use, come to us.

Regardless what message your company needs conveyed towards the general public, our design team offers various solutions for presentation, such as neon along with several luminous options. When you’re ready to escalate your marketability to immeasurable heights, contact our office today, browse our many signage offerings or simply drop by our convenient Vancouver location.

Illuminated Signs Vancouver


These signs are free standing and are oftentimes used to announce restaurants or hotels. If your business needs that competitive edge in town or along the highway, our team is prepared to build your pylon illuminated signs Vancouver has trusted for decades. We even install these signs, taking away the burden of doing it yourself.
Illuminated Signs Vancouver


If you’re looking for signs that hang right above your doorways, are visible around corners and effectively push your message across without higher costs, fascia signs are perfect for you. Whether it’s a hardware store you own, a posh nightclub or even home and garden center, these types of signs Vancouver businessmen and women purchase mix cost-effectiveness with message conciseness.
Illuminated Signs Vancouver

Monument Signs

You’ll often find these types of signs used to direct you towards various entrances to hospitals, and are particularly effective if your building has several professional offices frequented at different doors. We offer illuminated signs Vancouver stores and corporations can design with special messages, logos and can have high lumen bulbs placed within to brighten your wording at night.
Illuminated Signs Vancouver

Channel Letters

Give your business an element of three-dimensional appeal that your competition will revel over. These letters offer an interesting way to push your message across, and are becoming the go-to illuminated signs Vancouver restaurants and boutiques are using because they’re bright and work well in bringing customers in later at night.
Illuminated Signs Vancouver

Neon & LED

Withstanding the tests of time, neon-filled tubing and light emitting diodes are an affordable yet highly effective solution for windows. These highly effective lighting tubes aren’t the illuminated signs of tomorrow; they are a reality in our small business landscape of today. Possibilities are nearly endless for those seeking business signage of this magnitude.


Want to help engage your customers while protecting them from rain, sleet and snow? Awnings provide an overhang advertisement medium that can help shield your shoppers from elements. Since Vancouver weather isn’t as predictable as years before, having these illuminated signs Vancouver companies use in strip malls and standalone stores will give you a competitive advantage.