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Your identity, future brand recognition and repeat customer base rely on signage. Whether you’re starting your own pie shop, have decided to refocus your namesake to include expanded products or simply wish to redesign your drab signs, Superior Signs has helped businesses like you realize their goals. One major trepidation businesses harbor before purchasing signs involves the accuracy of the company.

Manufactured on premises, all signs Vancouver businesses order go through rigorous design screening to assure you’re getting what you envisioned. Whether your design is already used on business cards, t-shirts or you’ve yet to agree on the perfect logo, your finished product will stand above the crowd. And, of course, when you stand apart from your competition, customers will see you as an authority.

Getting the right sized lettering, the perfect digital image or exact blend of coloring takes skilled craftsmanship, which is probably why you’ve probably decided against embarking on the project yourself. Having been in business since the early 1950’s, we’ve remained ‘above the fold’ in terms of making sure technology used within our confines remains advanced for consumers demanding signs.

Interested in today’s cutting edge digital signage? Wondered what architectural wayfaring systems are? Perhaps you’re more in the market for massive lettering for your coffee shop. As you browse through our products and services menu, keep in mind we’ve already stored premade patterns to expedite your orders. Of course, we always welcome your special orders and work diligently until completion, too.

Signs, as you’ve heard in song, can literally peruse consumer action to sway one way or another. The louder your design, the better off you’ll position your business to accept multiple generations of patrons. To keep a diverse product lineup, we offer LED, awnings, illuminated and various other signs for your business, helping keep your business easily identifiable when darkness surrounds the city.

Our ongoing mission statement is simple: consult, design, manufacture and assemble all signs according to customer need. From there, our team can install these signs anywhere in Vancouver you’re located. Visual communication is important – think of it as your virtual handshake before actually meeting the consumer. We’re even proud to offer CNC engraving and routering for those seeking a metallic look.

If consistency and quality burdens your decision making process, call us today. Our staff is comprised of compassionate, experienced and always attentive professionals that grew up in the signage business. We’re able to correct mistakes, rework signs you already own, take concepts you’ve pondered using and make them an imminent reality. For those operating temporary offices, we offer sign rentals.

Customer service at Superior Signs remains our #1 priority. Bring us your designs, choose from our full catalog of predesigned templates or let’s brainstorm your company’s outward image together. After viewing our services, Vancouver and surrounding territory-based businesses are welcome to call us or drop by our company today. We’re reinventing the many faces of businesses, one sign at a time.