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Architectural Wayfinding Systems

You’ve seen them in large shopping malls, probably using them to find your favorite stores. Many even ignore them, but eventually cannot help but notice their presence. Architectural wayfinding systems, having six or more distinct sides for advertising, have twofold purposes: to increase your business awareness, and allow you to possibly capitalize on unused space by renting one or several slots.

Superior Signs provides institutional and corporate patrons the most comprehensive signage Vancouver has ever seen. These are mainly used to assist tourists or locals in finding their way (hence the name) around town, your large building or large park. We’ve been selling these systems as long as they’ve been available, helping business’ large or small direct consumers towards their front doors.

Great architectural wayfinding systems can also reduce the isolation of individuals with disabilities who frequently find themselves accidentally lost in crowded areas. They could potentially help reduce employee errors, thwart potential accidents and keep patients from getting lost in hospitals where doctors’ offices seem to be around every corner. Whatever your need, Superior Signs has it covered.

You control the design

You’ll have the ability to fully manage every facet of these architectural creations, achieving the proper height and optimal viewing area for those with slightly impaired vision. You can then begin adding the advertisement materials, directions, marketing, introduction of new offices and more. The capacities in which our designers can handle your wayfinding designs are incredible.

Superior Signs knows that your business model thrives on ease of access. In order to get customers to your front door, you need attention-getting signs which speak to the dreary-eyed shopper who simply wants to get to your store, but may be lost. There is a specific method behind the wayfinding signage creation process which our company has perfected over the years; we invite you to consult with us.

We’re proficient with CAD, computer-aided modeling and will even whip up some nifty messages which defy all which you believed previously never worked. You have the idea – we extend beyond product relativity through innovative ad design techniques in wide format. Since wayfinding techniques will differ from indoor to outdoor settings, let our consultants help you create the directional aids or ads that work best. You’ll be amazed at how cost-effective and highly visible the end product will be.

Which direction are your consumers heading?

The signs that Vancouver corporations, shops and small business operations order from Superior Signs are each unique in diverse ways. With wayfinding systems, no business will require identical designs. We help you tackle another common issue: wayfinding problems. These are quite prevalent, and include poorly identified building entrances or lack of parking facilities access from Vancouver mass transit.

We’ll find methods, develop intricate designs and help make your business much easier to locate specific branches or, if you’re stuck between buildings, help you create a specific map that leads patients, customers or potential new employees to your doorstep. We really want your business to succeed, and know the importance that directional aids can have on your bottom line.

Superior Signs offers customer support that’s all encompassing and includes preparation, planning, mock-up, manufacturing and the setting up of architectural wayfinding systems we designed. Since many different signs will serve various purposes, we’re open to creating both exterior and interior systems. Contact us today for your comprehensive design consultation from our design team.