Wall Signs

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Wall Signs:

They are single panel acrylic or aluminum signs that are mounted flush against a wall, door or glass window surface, or alternatively perpendicular to the wall surface. Signs mounted perpendicular to the wall surface are called projecting or blade signs. These signs can be directories, departmental, room identification signs, informational signs, or regulatory signs. The default option is to print the letters on the front of the acrylic panel. The customer may also select tactile (raised) letters and Braille lettering. The most common Braille format – Braille 2 – will be applied by default unless you clearly specify that Braille 1 be used (Braille 1 is mainly used in Canadian federal buildings). The single panel will be sandwich between 2 L-shaped aluminum brackets (to be mounted against the wall) in the case of perpendicular wall signs (unless other brackets are specified which will be subject to a separate quote).

Mounting Notes for Wall Signs: Please contact Superior Signs for a separate quote if these sign panels are not mounted flush against a flat surface (wall, door or glass window) but instead offset mounted using standoffs. (Alternatively, the required standoffs can be purchased separately from this store – see “Sign Hardware”).

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