Over the years, sign options have evolved as new materials and technologies have become available. Superior Signs prides itself in always keeping up with the latest innovations in sign making.

In addition to this extensive list, we can custom design and build almost anything your imagination can come up with.









Looking for a sleek halo lit office sign or a bright sign for inside your mall location? These partial edge lit signs ‘class up’ the place by giving a very high end look. This type of sign is similar to our typical 3D letters but with energy efficient LED’s embedded to give a halo lit finish.

LEA signs provide a very sophisticated look that allows your sign to light up even in darker conditions. We make these by sandwiching small ribbon LEDs in between two layers of acrylic. We are able to make these light embedded acrylic signs stretching from 4″ to 48″.


A cost effective signage option doesn’t have to look cheap. We take pride in our sign cabinets as staples in the signage world. We use top quality materials and expert craftsmanship to get these signs printed, cut out and fabricated in a timeline you are sure to love.

This is your standard sign box with a low profile design and an LED backlight. These are made from a polycarbonate material and have whatever type of vinyl graphics are preferred on top. There are two types of print on these sign faces:

Older sign cabinets will have fluorescent bulbs inside. These are prone to surges and are far less energy efficient. In our commitment to sustainability, we now service these signs to switch them to an LED light source. Using a process called LED retrofitting we replace old fluorescent tubing to a modern and eco friendly LED lighting system.


Pylon signs are free standing large structures that are a very popular sign choice, especially amongst larger institutions such as hotels and schools. These are especially great along roadways to help draw in attention from passing cars. Pylon signs are also a fantastic way to attract customers to stores; especially if you’re in an area where many retail businesses are bunched  together into a small space. They are bright, flashy, and showcase everything you what passerby to know about your product. Pylon signs are all about making sure your business gets seen and stays in the spotlight of your customer’s minds. Use your sign as an opportunity to make your business stand out when lined up against other stores.

Pylons give your company a competitive edge as they can display valuable information while promoting your business. For example, pylons are often used in wayfinding signage. This allows you to help your customers find their way around while also promoting your company name. We even install these signs, taking away the burden of doing it yourself.


We live in a competitive world and we understand the value of making your signs stand out. What better way to make them pop than to literally have them pop off the wall? We love working with 3D letters and believe they have a place for indoor and outdoor use. Using our industry leading technology our highly trained staff produce elegantly designed 3D letters.

Dimensional Letters can be made out of all types of metals. While the most common type of metal is aluminum you can also use more unique metals such as copper and steel. We can also make these letters using plastics such as PVC and acrylic. They also come in many different finishing styles such as chrome plated, polished, brushed and more. There is a great range in sizing for this type of letter and can be used from as small as 1” letters to over 60″.

Our CNC routering and engraving infrastructure helps us to create new objects by shaping metals, glass, foam, plastics and wood. Shaping may include adding tactile or braille to a sign, but also creating 3D letters and shape formats for use in engineering and art. Our 2D routering is ideal for cutting letters and shapes or engraving. When we do 3D carving we add dimension which adds appeal to your advertising. This is perfect for accent pieces for your business or sandblasting alternatives.


Many of our larger institutions and commercial clients utilize the many benefits of electronic message centres (EMCs). These signs are great specifically because they are unmissable. The changing text and digital display automatically draws consumer eyes towards it.

EMCs are used both as interior and exterior signage and we have the experience and capability to do both. Electronic signage has a place in almost every different business and is great at making your business more visible to people walking past.


Laser engraving is a process that marks or engraves a pattern on a panel (or an object) surface for design purposes. The laser is a concentrated beam of light that uses a series of mirrors to become very focused and narrow to cut (or chisel) patterns by removing layers from the surface of the material (usually metal or glass). Laser Engraving can also be used for decorative markings or letterheads.

Laser engraving work is used to engrave logos, letters, barcodes, serial or part numbers, and even QR codes. The technique is popular due to its high reliability, as well as the engraving’s permanent nature, which assures traceability and identification of the part or material in question for a long period of time.

We use highly advanced and sophisticated engraving machines, which gives the signage a clean, crisp and permanent result.


If you want to establish your business in your industry as an expert and eliminate any brand confusion, there is no better option than having your custom-created specialty sign. Custom specialty signs are ideal for managing the people’s perception of your business, creating a level of professionalism your customers can expect when doing business with you, as well as increasing brand awareness.

Custom specialty signs can support business growth as unlimited options and designs are available for them. Whether you already have a specific design in mind or you have a general idea but need some guidance, our signage experts will work with your ideas and needs and recommend the materials, products and placement to provide the maximum impact on your customers.

We’re sign experts with over 70 years of experience working with a variety of tools and materials to create exceptional custom signage that blows away your competition. We always deliver a unique and distinctive product built to impress and last by using a blend of traditional techniques and modern capabilities.