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Made-to-order decals, plastic, metal or wood signs and window film.


We produce and manufacture plastic signs, window and wall films as well as made-to-order decals. If you are promoting your product, company, political cause or simply need an instruction application, Superior Signs will perfectly do the job. Environmental graphics is a division of Superior signs where you find professionalism in any type of custom signs including window films and wall graphics.

Window and wall films are fun and provide benefits for privacy in a professional setting while maintaining your company’s esthetic goals.  There are endless options when you choose a decorative film. You have the option to choose a frost, a pattern or a specialty color. A window film can also contribute to the personality and overall atmosphere in an office. It’s the perfect way to show personality in a cost-effective and minimally obtrusive way. A decorative film offers a layer of privacy needed if you work in an office where there are a lot of glass office doors, walls, etc. Glass walls are often viewed as modern and sleek, but cause problems when you need to conduct a high-profile meeting or need to do something confidentially. A decorative film can maintain your professionalism in these situations.

In our commitment to staying green, we often use window decals as a way to keep the sun and UV rays at bay. This solar material is installed on windows and can help your office space to stay cooler in long summer months while reducing the amount of heat coming into your building.

Frosted Privacy Glazing Film

Our frosted window film adds elegance and privacy to any space. Window frost can be printed on to include text and design, or remain solid for more private needs.  It also can be cut in a variety of sizes and shapes to provide customization to your needs. Give your boardroom some privacy and elegance with window frosting.  In order to get occupancy, all building developments require interior glass walls to have vinyl or frosting applied for safety.

Printed Interior Glazing Film

This optically clear film provides the precision and customization of digitally printed graphics to your privacy film. It has the enhanced features of addition of white ink providing complete customization of your graphics. This opens the door to dual images on either side of the glass as well as adding white density options allowing for gradient printing to allow for faded white panels. Adding bright colour elements to these white prints brings the design ideas to life, highlighting them to onto the space.

Printed Window Graphics

These opaque window graphics offer allow for beautiful images on your interior and exterior windows. Perfect for advertising, as well as decoration, this product offers an immediate solution to your advertising needs and can be changed seasonally/annually.

Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics offers the flexibility to get creative, make a statement or simply add character to any room. Their appeal can transform your space into something warm and can be customized to suit every need. You can choose a gloss or a matte finish, and the prints are completely removable.

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