Superior Signs is a current leader in energy efficiency within the sign industry. Our passion and dedication towards finding the most eco friendly solution is strong.

Sustainability is not a new idea to Superior Signs. In fact, one of the owners of Superior Signs co-founded PEIA (Pacific Energy Innovation Association) and sat on the board as treasurer for 20 years.

So, what are we doing differently? Well, check it out:

–  Adding a fully electric vehicle to our line up for site checks.

– Upgraded our bucket truck to one with an electrically operated lift. This replaces the more common gas powered one.

– Avid recyclers, we recycle all metals, paper and even acrylic!

– Purchased online systems to move correspondence towards electronic forms in an effort to limit our paper consumption.

– Upgrading our machinery to those that offer eco-friendly solutions.



We believe in community. While we are proud of our dedication to sustainability, we want to take it a step further by helping you and your company reduce your footprint. To make it easy for you we now offer the following services:

  • LED retrograde fitting: got an old sign box that uses fluorescent tubing? As part of our ongoing devotion to sign maintenance, we now update those to an energy efficient LED system.
  • Offer full recycle services on all sign repairs and removal projects.
  • Utilize waste-conscious lead-free paint on all our projects.
  • While this is a great start, we are dedicated to moving our company, and motivating our industry, towards environmentally friendly business. Call us for your sign needs and be a part of a greener future.