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In today’s fast-paced retail environment, it can be tough for shops to connect with their customers who have their heads buried in their phones. This is especially true for smaller boutique style shops that don’t have the same brand recognition that larger department stores do.

Mobile marketers are also getting smarter, as they send targeted advertisement using “beacon technology” to directly appeal to customers. Not to mention all the outdoor billboards and displays that compete for user attention. For street side businesses, this can be a major challenge.

At Superior Signs, we know your stuff is great, now all we have to do is get people to come see for themselves. We have found that one of the best advertising techniques for retailers is to use digital signage that will attract customers to come into their store. This is especially true for digital signage displayed in windows.

Why use digital signage?

When we say the phrase “digital signage” you may be thinking the typical LCD displays that simply filter through a few advertisements. Well, as our industry is ever evolving, so is our signage. The goal of window digital displays is to engage your customers even before they step a single foot inside your doorway. Now moreso than ever, with all our many distractions in the world, it is important to get those customers to notice you.

“There is a diverse selection of options available which do so much more than traditional static signage. Digital displays can more easily capture the attention of customers, even under direct sunlight, and simple, efficient content management means retailers can keep their displays updated and eye-catching,” – S.G Kim, executive vice president of visual display division, Samsung.

Digital signage is your one-stop signage solution. Rather than wasting paper getting monthly posters delivered for sales and opportunities, digital signage can reduce single use promotional material and instead provide an enviromentally conscious signage solution.

What retailers is this type of signage for?

While this type of signage display is most commonly used in larger named tech companies such as Apple or Samsung, it really does have a place in every single companies business. You could have the best products in the world but if noone sees it, you will never sell anything. Having a thoughtfully placed digital window signage will allow you to continuously update and showcase the best products you have to appeal to your customers.

Digital signage is a great advertising technique that has a place in every single market. The beauty of this type of display is you can change it as often as you need.

  • Restaurants: As restaurants adapt to a new normal through this time, they can easily display their menus on this as well as shuffle through some photos of popular menu items. As menu items and prices change, you can easily remove it off your displayed menus at the click of a button. This allows you to have the most up to date offerings available with ease. The exciting look of a digital display is sure to stop passerby’s. It also makes it so that there is less traffic through your restaurant, especially on to-go orders.
  • Clothing Stores: What better way to display your new merchandise than be able to cycle through some photos in your window displays? Have a big sale and want to bring in more customers? Draw some attention to yourself as you flip through a digital display. As the cost for these signs is lower than you think, monthly installment payments are likely cheaper than the posters you hang in your window.
  • Health Offices: Display the services you offer, remind your clients of services or products you offer, or simply just get extra foot traffic through your door by enticing pedestrians to stop and stare at your space.


Wondering what a digital window sign will do for your company? Call us today to find out what we think it could do for your business.

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